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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  January 4, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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arson and possible hate crime is sparking concern in and around zero county. it broke out around 4:00 on the morning of new year's day. the residents warned tom, but it appears someone was trying to do them great harm. >> slurs written on the outside for the first clue that somebody said the fire on purpose. >> and the house is boarded up now with the debris littered over the front yard. early new year's day morning, there were flames and smoke and terrified neighbors watching from a distance. >> she saw the house was up in flames and called 911. >> elderly women were there when the fire broke out.
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once the smoke cleared, investigators found racial and sexual slurs painted on the outside of the home. gosh we immediately contacted county police that reported to the city, determining that the fire was intentionally set. >> investigators are looking into if there was a break-in or of an accelerant was tossed in beforehand. the fire division chief told us he did not know if the residents have reported being harassed in the past. the case was being invested as arson and a crime. >> is carried to know that it is right across the street, it could have been our house. we could all have been held and it could happen to anybody, i guess. >> anyone with information is urged to call metro crime stoppers. reporting in brooklyn park, wbal
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tv 1 news. >> police need your help in tracking down a robbery suspect. the man in this surveillance fuhr robbed a 711 on december 23. no one was hurt but the suspect fled on foot with an undetermined amount of cash. he is an african-american male about 6 feet tall and a medium build. anyone with information is asked to call the och -- anonymous tip top line. police are determining if the two cases of indecent exposure are at all related. the victim told police that the suspect on the left followed her into an aisle at the cvs pharmacy and exposed himself. the man pictured on the right of flesh of the female victim monday night on force to drive. anyone with information should contact police. the video showing an attack on a
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baltimore city police officer and posted on youtube is going viral. >> i can't describe it as anything less than an attack. >> police sickened by this violent attack on an officer caught on tape had posted on the internet. why police are trying to detain one man, another suddenly appears and boldly punches an officer in the face. >> of the first man came out of nowhere and attacked the officer, cold-cocked him in the face. >> >> and they charged him with assault on a police officer. investigators say there are previous charges involving heroin and a probation violation. police say it was early afternoon on new year's eve. the victim officer was on routine patrol in the 2500 block of east monument street when he
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parked next to him and smacked his door into the cruiser. police approached him and smelled a strong odor of the alcohol. the suspect d.c. in the video the police are detaining on the ground threatened officers, so they had to pay attention to him. while police were trying to detain him, he attacks the one officer, enabling the suspect on the ground to get away. the video highlights just how dangerous their jobs can be as a routine arrest can become very violent. >> these individuals put their lives on the line to help others and it is a very sobering reminder what these men to women go through. >> police have charged him with assault on a police officer. the other suspect, they know who this person is and they have issued a warrant for his arrest.
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dr. baltimore city has reported its first homicide of 2012. a 62-year-old was found slumped over inside a car suffering from several gunshot wounds around 9:45 last night. he was rushed to the hospital where he died. the testimony is expected to continue tomorrow, the trial of the 26-year-old man accused of raping a 12-year-old girl at a skating rink. police officers testified during today's proceedings. there also shown surveillance video on the alleged attack in 2010. the attorney for the defendant argues that there was no dna evidence to prove his client guilty. the state's attorney's office have decided that neither city clerk nor the blogger will face
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charges after their altercation. there is more on this new development. >> this is where it went down in front of his house on liberty heights avenue. no one knows for sure what happened that november morning because there have been conflicting reports. both men say they're happy to put this case behind them. >> a huge a blessing that you have to take from this, the police you cannot always take they are a hot -- at their word. >> he is not facing criminal charges but denies reports that he tried to kick the city clerk during a confrontation in northwest baltimore. they got into it about his home on liberty heights. naysay he and his daughter don't live in the house. >> i was taken back, the man had the nerve to come to my house and confront me. that is highly unusual.
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>> i didn't know he was here. at the steps, he started taunting me. >> i have never been on his property and by the entire life. that is a straight up live from our elected official. >> they said he tried kicking. he displayed a handgun that had an expired permit. others say that he had a valid license for the weapon. neither man will face criminal charges. >> i am not surprised, i didn't do anything wrong. i am pleased that the circus is over, i guess and we can move on. >> i was relieved, but at the same time, i was very angry because of the kind of coverage that was on this story and some
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of it was wrong. >> his allegation that she doesn't live in this house have cost her the council seat. she filed a lawsuit but later dropped it. >> of the naacp has launched a new campaign to combat low voter turnout. leaders of the civil rights organization kicked off project 2012. the first step will be to register voters and educate them on the process. the bottom line is to cast their ballot during this year's presidential election. >> people can say that people feel that they don't mean -- it doesn't mean anything to them because of a lack of what they deal with in their own life. sometimes it is affected by what they see in their community or
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what they don't see in their community. >> it kicks off january 15. >> mitt romney has a coveted endorsement from senator john mccain after he edged out rick santorum in the narrowest margin in the iowa caucus victory history. >> after winning the iowa caucuses by eight votes, he hit his home turf in new hampshire where a kick up a key endorsement by the former presidential candidate. >> i am here for one reason, to make sure that we make mitt romney the next president of the united states of america. >> of the momentum gives him an edge to values voters that have an alternative. after finishing sixth, michele
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bachmann dropped out. >> i have decided to stand aside. >> ron paul put a positive spin on his third-place finish. >> we were in second place, they tied for first. >> 3 out of four republicans rejected it. >> he said that he is going to continue his run. jon huntsman gave up on iowa. >> you are welcome to new hampshire, and nobody cares. >> what is next after last night's iowa caucuses? the delegates are selected to attend the national convention in tampa and they can vote however they choose. where have all left at every step of the way as we leave that to the 2012 elections.
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be sure to click on "politics." coming up, a gift today from the internal revenue service. why the agency is giving us two extra days to file tax returns. making good on efforts to seize dozens of vehicles from the baltimore housing authority. we have a follow up. >> we are committed to making sure this terrible tragedy is not the epilogue of the national championship races. >> house officials at the airshow hope to rebound from a fiery crash that killed nearly a dozen people. >> cold temperatures continue, but there is a warming trend in the forecast. the wind is like
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>> there is good news for procrastinators, the irs extending the tax deadline this year to april 17 instead of the 15. the fifteenth falls on sunday and the 16 as a local holiday in washington d.c.. they prepare for the onslaught of tax returns. tonight, he began an extraordinary measures to obstruct the housing authority of all of its assets. it is ordered to collect on court order judgment that the city refuses to play.
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>> it was anything but the usual start to the day at the city housing authority maintenance yard. shara for on-site to tag as many as 20 vehicles the authority and loans. the first step to auctioning off the vehicles. proceeds will be used to pay the judgment awarded to brittany and her brother. they claim and a jury agreed that they were poisoned his children while living in the public high-rise. of suffered from the telltale developmental disability caused by lead poisoning. >> i can't keep a job long. i do have a goal, but is not working. >> and a 115 months ago. the housing authority has refused to play -- the pay the judgment claiming it can't afford to. >> housing authority, and
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everybody should know that they are not above the law. now it has been over a year at two months and have taken no steps at all the pay these children for their brain damage. dodge the vehicles include a new box truck, a new pickup truck. losing the vehicles will hurt its operations. it is assigned to the director, the housing authorities construction division. >> this is his vehicle. >> in the lexington terrace high-rise where they live with demolished by the city in 1996. an internal housing memo suggests that the housing authority was well aware it might have a lead problem. they instructed staff to check for cracking paint to make sure that the lead paint is painted over.
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>> the liability is enormous, but the housing authority is taking the position of sticking their head in the sand like the ostrich. the brain damage that all of these children have won't go away. >> our request for an interview with the mayor was refused. they said it involves a complex and ongoing litigation. they are declining to comment on the continuing efforts to resolve the matter. >> i want to be a nurse, but i can't because i have the fourth grade reading level and it is hard. >> involved in the long term resolution in unpaid judgment. that is one of 34 take-home vehicles used by city housing officials.
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the >> the air association will move ahead with the full competition even after a tragic air crash. the plans to work with the national transportation safety board to ensure safety and future events, sponsors of them to make the decision. >> urging encouragement of the volunteers and participants, the collective will of many people that make up the area's family that motivated us to do everything we can to preserve and continue this historic event. >> they are scheduled a safety hearing for january 10. 11 people including the legendary pilot were killed when his plane crashed near the grandstands. >> the flurries of snow showers
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trekking through as expected with a weather disturbance in the upper atmosphere. a light snow might be possible at a few locations, and out transitioning east of baltimore. there is another weather disturbance to the west of us that we have to keep an eye on. one system quickly moving out, the next one will be much drier. all of this should be gone by morning. it was a cold day today for sure, the coldest of this season. we are talking single-digit temperatures in the morning north and west of baltimore. the temperatures 5 to 10 degrees out in here. 15 on the boardwalk at ocean city, officially 13 for the second straight day with the temperature did not get above freezing. you can see it is not cooling off rapidly because of the cloud cover. we are holding for the highs of
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the day. 35 at ocean city, but not all the cold, relatively speaking, for this time of the year. you can see tomorrow morning, this weather disturbances gone, a few flurries lange during in the mountains with sunshine in the afternoon and temperatures back to normal tomorrow and above normal the rest of the week. 22-27, mostly cloudy skies, while high of 40-45. the wind will be out of the west, occasionally 15 knots. additional snow showers tomorrow, lots of sunshine for friday beginning to thaw. it should continue to make snow at night. into the 50s on friday, the same general trend on the coast,
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temperatures above normal on friday. a couple disturbances as the arctic air leaves us tonight. the next one to the ohio valley will be gone by morning. it starts to spread east, the high temperature today out in the dakotas, 50s and 60s. 60 degrees in denver, a subtle shift in the weather pattern means that while their returns in the seven-day forecast. well above normal on friday, 55. he sprinkled possible saturday evening and only slightly cooler for sunday and monday. >> of the raven's continue to fill up their bye week with awards, holding on to one of the top people could become a challenge as big as the playoffs. >> tonight's drawing for powerboat, america's number one jackpot game. happy new year, america.
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>> now, a 11 sports. >> as the raven's look to win a super bowl, other teams look for front office talent. the colts have received permission to talk with the director of personnel about their vacant general manager's position. the st. louis rams also want to risk cut -- to discuss their position. the ravens linebacker, and the
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defense of player of the month for his performance in december, they forced four fumbles during the month. germaine gresham short circuit id the comeback last week. there should be serious consideration for the defensive mvp award. ray lewis won the mvp award twice in his career in 2000. willis has defied the laws of nature by lasting 16 seasons in the nfl. a position where most players never see double digits. plenty of motivation and has carried this far, but none that carried as strong as much as the second super bowl. he also knows championships quiet the critics. he hopes that happens again a month from now. >> i don't know if we can ever match the person, it is hard to match. the only way to match the first
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one is to win the second one. we can really pull our team together and do that. it will be a special moment for me being able to be on two teams that would of done that. >> of the former chicago bears wide receiver faces a trial that could send him to prison for a minimum of 10 years. a federal grand jury indicted him and a co-conspirator with two counts of conspiracy with intent to distribute cocaine. they arrested him in december when he bought cocaine from them and told them he would pay them after practice, informing them that they played for the chicago bears. he did not make it a practice. he will face a minimum of 10 years in prison. team equalasketball of the longest losing streak in division 1 history. the tigers lost 34 straight game, and this one had an almost
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element about it. at winning 60-27 in philadelphia. he goes looking to win the first conference game of the season when 83-77. the nba lockout remain the only winless team in the nba. -- the wizards remain the only winless team in the nba. the wizards coach starting to look at them and pondering a career change has the are off to a 0-6 start to the season. he made his mark in the league's as a manager buddy wants to return as an owner. he left his position working for major league baseball to join a group of investors that was tried by the l.a. dodgers. the stock owner has to sell the team as part of a bankruptcy and divorce settlement. plenty of big names, all
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reportedly have an interest in putting together groups to try to bid on by the dodgers. got you have to sell the team as part of the divorce. >> it is not going to be a good year, a minimum of half of what you started with. >> a look at the forecast right after this.
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>> looking for that thermometer to give us more thermos. >> flurries and show -- snow showers coming in, then quite a bit above normal with highs in the '50s. could be a sprinkle of rain saturday evening with the temperatures cooling just a touch in the sunday and monday of next week when the arctic air is gone. >> can we bet bottom dollar that the sun will come out tomorrow? >> consider it done. >> the tonight show is coming up next, we will see you back here tomorrow night.
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>> jay: guys, i love your show, >> well, actually, we've got


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